Democracy in Nigeria has undergone several cysts and cycles since the country’s independence, including a rough history of military interventions. However, since the inception of the Fourth Republic in 1999, Nigeria has enjoyed its longest period of uninterrupted democratic governance. It is worth noting though that longevity is not necessarily the same as maturity.

Agora Policy’s focus on democracy and governance is also driven by the growing threats to democracies across Africa, with rising cases of military coups, especially in the West African subregion. Seeing that Nigeria plays a key leadership role in West Africa and even across the continent, it is essential that democracy thrives in Nigeria and can serve as a model for the subregion. Hence, the need for proactivity in strengthening democratic governance in Nigeria.

Through its Democracy and Governance Programme, Agora Policy will deploy its expertise to meet the demand for relevant and innovative policy ideas and will build an evidence base for the advancement of democracy in Nigeria. Its work in this area will be geared towards generating and disseminating knowledge to support institutional accountability and responsiveness, civil society development, promotion of human rights, the rule of law, and democratic elections.

Agora Policy’s Democracy and Governance Programme will, among others, focus on:

  1. Elections and Political Processes
  2. Transparency and Accountability
  3. Inclusive and Participatory Governance