Getting to Grips with Food Security in Nigeria

By Adebayo Ahmed The question of food is one that is now on everybody’s lips in Nigeria. The food situation has worsened significantly in the last year partly driven by efforts to turn the economy around in terms of petrol subsidy removal and the foreign exchange market reform. The situation seems dire with increasing cases […]

Rethinking Technical and Vocational Education for Enhanced Productivity in Nigeria

By Bolaji Abdullahi Over the last two decades, the global focus on education had been on bringing every child to school. This was in line with the goals of Education for All (EFA) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Despite the reported 10 million children out of school, Nigeria has made remarkable progress in pursuit […]

Urgent Need to Amend the Land Use Act

By Yomi Fawehinmi Land is a crucial resource that requires effective management by governments and various institutions to ensure equitable access and utilisation. This responsibility stems from the fundamental obligation of governments to protect the right to life, libertyand property, as espoused by the 17th-century philosopher John Locke. To achieve this objective, the government is […]

2023 Elections, Women’s Continued Political Marginalisation and Ways Out

By Tayo Agunbiade The results of the recently-held general election have once again confirmed the continued under-representation and marginalisation of women inpolitics and governance in Nigeria. Women constitute 49.3%of Nigeria’s total population, but only manage to secure 4.69% of the executive and legislative positions on offer at the federal and state levels in the elections […]

The Case for a Dedicated Border Force for Nigeria

By Douglas Okonko Nigeria is currently facing diverse threats to its national security. These threats have serious implications for social, economic, and political development. According to a report published by Agora Policy titled, Understanding and Tackling Insecurity in Nigeria, “The nation is presently facing generalised insecurity with hardly any of its six geo-political zones spared […]

How to Combat Perennial Flooding in Nigeria

By Akinyemi Akinyugha In the second week of September 2022, massive flooding was reported in Nigeria arising from an overflow of the River Benue, affecting states on the river path from the North East to the South East and the Niger Delta parts of the country. The flooding got worse in October and may stretch […]