Who We Are

Who We Are

Agora Policy is a Nigerian think tank and non-profit committed to finding practical solutions to urgent national challenges. We are decidedly evidence-led and solution-driven.

What We Do

We conduct policy research, facilitate frank and purposeful dialogue, and build capacity for governance, policy and advocacy.

What We Focus On

For now, we focus on four areas: • Governance Policy • Economic Policy • Environmental Policy • Social Policy

Why We Exist

We exist to address observed gaps in policy and governance process in Nigeria and to improve policy and governance outcomes through evidence, dialogue and capacity. 

Public policies provide important tools for improving the fortunes of citizens and countries. However, research and experience have shown that most policies fail to achieve the desired transformative effect, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

Established reasons for policy failures include: lack of rigorous analysis of policy alternatives, lack of ownership of policies by the populace, limited engagement with stakeholders (especially the socially-excluded groups), and inadequate capacity for project design, implementation and tracking.

Agora Policy intends to address these challenges by promoting an approach that will use the policy-making process to engender fresh solutions to societal challenges through credible research, strategic engagement between policy makers and the citizenry, and improved capacity for policy design, implementation, and appraisal.

How We Work

We are an independent and non-partisan policy think tank. We are driven by the search for workable solutions. For our analyses and prescriptions, we lean heavily on evidence and pragmatism. We test, deepen and expand the search for solution through deliberate dialogue and distributed capacity.

Our work is motivated by the prospect of using informed, evidence-led and pragmatic public policies to help Nigeria devise and implement sustainable solutions to her lingering and emerging challenges.

We are committed to reinserting the public in the public policy process, hence the name Agora, which in Greek means Public. We are decidedly devoted to a solution-oriented and inclusive approach to public policy.

Generating evidence-driven and practical policy/governance ideas will be the core of Agora Policy’s work. This core will be anchored on inclusive deliberations among and capacity upgrade of policy actors both on the supply and the demand sides.