Climate Change: Nigeria Needs to Snap Out of Denial and Indifference

Let’s start with the obvious: climate change still does not enjoy the prominence that it deserves in Nigeria. Yes, there are some individuals, organisations and government agencies that are making a strong case for, and designing and implementing, consequential climate interventions in the country. We salute them. We thank them. But the sad, inconvenient truth […]

Climate Change Deserves Greater, More Urgent Attention in Nigeria

Climate change poses severe and multiple threats to Nigeria’s current and future development and should be taken more seriously by the Nigerian government and other critical stakeholders, a new report by Agora Policy, an Abuja-based think tank, has said. “It is evident that climate change is not a marginal or peripheral issue that the government […]

Climate Change as Catalyst for Insecurity

By David Nwachukwu Nigeria is an eerie example of the relationship between climate change and insecurity. Nigeria’s location in both the Sahel region of Africa and along the coastal line of West Africa increasingly makes the country vulnerable to climate shocks from the north and the south. The Lake Chad basin, a major lifeline for […]