Climate Change Deserves Greater, More Urgent Attention in Nigeria

Climate change poses severe and multiple threats to Nigeria’s current and future development and should be taken more seriously by the Nigerian government and other critical stakeholders, a new report by Agora Policy, an Abuja-based think tank, has said. “It is evident that climate change is not a marginal or peripheral issue that the government […]

Agora Policy: For Optimal Results, Nigeria Needs to Fortify Anticorruption Measures

02 April 2023, Abuja –Nigeria’s impressive array of transparency and accountability measures has not made the desired dent on governance and development in the country because of subsisting gaps in legislation, capacity, values and resourcing, says a new report by Agora Policy, an Abuja-based think tank. Titled “Imperative of Strengthening Nigeria’s Transparency and Accountability Measures,” […]

Nigeria Limits Itself by Excluding Women and Youths, Says Agora Policy’s New Report

The continued and systematic exclusion of women, youths and other marginalised groups from social, economic and political opportunities in Nigeria severely limits the capacity of the country to achieve its full potential, a new report by Agora Policy, an Abuja-based think tank, has said. “Low level of inclusion in Nigeria incapacitates not just the excluded […]

Nigeria needs a more holistic approach to overcome growing insecurity

To stand a fighting chance with overcoming widespread and growing insecurity within its borders, Nigeria must adopt a more holistic approach that simultaneously combines combatting security threats more effectively with addressing the root causes of conflicts and agitations in the country, Agora Policy, a Nigeria think tank, has advised. “Current military engagements should be sustained,” […]

Nigeria Needs Swift and Bold Economic Reforms, Says Agora Policy

Nigeria needs to undertake swift and audacious reforms to stop the rapid decline of its economy and the resultant negative impact on its citizens, a report released today by Agora Policy, an Abuja-based policy think tank, has advised. Entitled “Options for Revamping Nigeria’s Economy,” the report maintains that despite posting positive GDP growth in six […]